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Life doesn't have to be bad for it to get better.

"I feel more grounded, down to earth, and practical. This has always been one of my biggest challenges. Bri's direct communication really helps me notice my own self-manipulation."

-Julia, Brazil

Julia - Life Lived by Design Life Coach

How's it going?

I'm Bri, a Professional Certified Coach who leveraged a brain tumor diagnosis to transform my life into one of fulfillment driven by my core values. While you may not want my life, I'm here to help you find yours!

Bri was great to work with. Each session, she helped me get clear on what I wanted to focus on, and I always left with clear action to take.

-Nikki, Michigan (USA)

Nikki Patterson.jpeg

You're in the right place if...

You've been checking boxes and are unsure where it's taking you

You're ready to listen to the voice inside you that's yearning for more

You're ambitious and also have an

amazing life to live

You know life is about more than a job title

You're ready to invest in yourself

You want to have fun along the way

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"Bri does an amazing job balancing holding you accountable to who you say you want to be while not judging you and leaving space for the messiness of life."

-Bryana, Colorado (USA)

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