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our mission

We all want to be known. That begins with knowing ourself. Having an understanding of who you are combined with a clear vision of your future provides the foundation for an incredible Life Lived by Design.


How WE Can

Help You

No matter the life transition you're experiencing, we have resources designed to support you from assessing your current circumstances, envisioning your future, and connecting the two.  Each is rooted in our mission of knowing yourself first.

Graduating College Student

[Coaching] helped give me the direction I needed in my life at an important place in my life. I learned a lot and I gained knowledge on time management and prioritizing. I also gained confidence and better motivation.

I was a little hesitant to do this but after meeting with you just that one time, I changed my mind and know that it is something that is going to change my life.

High School Freshman

Coaching Colleague

Seeing the way you lead your life with purpose and immense passion has made me rethink how I am designing my future.  I was always comfortable being 'comfortable.'  Well, I have had time to think about what that 'comfort' is doing to shape my future potential and influence my kids' perspectives on their life and their world. I am ready to start purposefully designing my life!!!

Second-Year College Student

I have learned how to love myself and how to be confident in myself and in my art form. I've learned to be proud of myself. I've learned how to not be so fearful of things such as speaking and asking for help and putting myself in situations that will help me grow.


Ignition Community Glass fundamentally believes in

engaging Chicago youth in arts education and providing

dedicated space for programs. Programming features

innovative and collaborative hands-on glass art experiences.

Projects are designed to foster a sense of community and

accountability. Students are encouraged to be creative, supportive, experiment,and push beyond comfort zones. Ignition Community Glass (ICG) is committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the arts with a specific focus on expanding access to the glass arts.

Glass making engages youth in a dynamic, creative process while also nurturing emotional growth in a mindful way. Through this unique, expansive process guided by artists-mentors, ICG strives to open doors of opportunity for youth that have not traditionally had access to glass making and the glass art community.