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Slay & Style

How to slay your inner critic, so you can step out in style, even if you're wearing sweats as you read this.

March 15 at 6pm CT

Open Wardrobe

The alarm goes off, you drag yourself out of bed, and swing open the closet door. Not only do you dread Monday, but now you've got to pick an outfit from a closet that doesn't represent you.

  • That's too big.

  • That's too tight.

  • Ugh, that color though.

  • Why did I ever buy that?

  • If only my stomach was what it used to be.

  • Why can't I stick with a workout routine?

  • I'm not stylish. Just pick something.


​Sound familiar? ​The reality is that pesky little voice in your head is not actually you. It's just self-doubt who has set up shop in a corner of your mind and he needs a new role in your life, so you can fling open those closet doors with excitement every single day. Instead of "ugh, what to wear," you'll ask, "how am I feeling today?" Then you'll quickly pull an outfit for exactly that feeling.

Join Q and Bri for a 60-minute workshop where you'll learn how to manage your inner critic and how your personal style influences your wardrobe.

This workshop is live and interactive, so come prepared to dig deep and join the conversation.

Privacy is no joke around here. We take it seriously. Click here to learn about how we use your information.

Meet Q

  • Style Consultant, Personal Shopper, and Speaker

  • Fashion is my love language (and so is tacos)

  • A wife and mother of two with a unique eye for fashion committed to helping other women define and refine their style with confidence

  • An optimist that believes in celebrating the joy of uniqueness through the magic of style

  • Strongly believes the answer isn't always buying new clothes. Sometimes you just need to breathe new life into your old ones.

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Meet Bri

  • Former educator turned International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach

  • Launched her coaching practice in January 2019

  • Splits her time between coaching accomplished women who are asking themselves 'what's next' and consulting with new coaches as they launch their coaching practice

  • Avid world traveler who will visit every country in her lifetime

Finally ready to know how to choose clothes that leave you thinking, "Damn I look good!"

Put your information in below, to sign up for the Slay & Style workshop today.

Attend the live workshop to get exclusive access to a special attendees-only joint package to work with Q and Bri beyond the workshop.

Privacy is no joke around here. We take it seriously. Click here to learn about how we use your information.

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