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These self-paced guides are designed to help you take the bold journey of knowing yourself one step at a time. Start at the beginning and build on your previous work with each subsequent work guide or jump straight to what you most need right now.

From Spent To Content -

Start your journey by examining every aspect of your life as it currently exists. How satisfied are you really with your life right now? It's time to be honest with yourself.

From Self-Care to Self-Love - - Cover.png

Self-love is more than self-care. It’s not just about bubble baths or taking a long run, but about prioritizing yourself. This guide will help you not just care for yourself, but also love yourself.

Discover Your Inner Child Cover.png

Before you were inundated with messages from the media, impressions from friends, influence of societal expectations, and pressure from family, you had a belief about the life you would live.

Uncover Your True North Cover.png

Your true north is the thing you want in life more than anything else. It’s the one thing that, if you lost everything else, you’d be okay because you’ve still got this one thing. This guide will help you uncover your true north.

Who's In Your Corner Cover.png

Those people who support you along your journey, lift you up, challenge you, push you towards continued growth, and with whom you can do the same serve as your VIP List. This guide allows you to identify who’s in your corner, who should be in your corner, and what role each member plays.

Envision Your Future Cover.png

I bet you’ve been asked, “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” It usually comes up as an interview question related to career choices. It’s also usually connected to what you want to do in the future. How often have you considered that question in the broader context of your life? How often have you considered who you want to be?

Overcoming Self-Doubt Cover.png

To varying degrees, we all have that nagging voice of self-doubt in our minds. Sometimes it is a quiet presence, while other times it is loud and distracting. Overcoming self-doubt is about more than simply replacing it with positive thoughts. It’s a process of separating yourself from it, so you can have control over it.

Put Your Life In Drive Self-Paced -

Each of us is motivated by different things and we can also be motivated differently under different circumstances. This guide is designed to help you get rid of that on-off switch for motivation and consider a variety of options to find the exact kind of motivation at the exact moment you need it.

Living With Purpose Self-Paced Cover.png

You’ve heard it a bajillion times before. “Find your passion and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Find me someone who has figured out how to do that and I’ll show you 100 more who roll their eyes at it. What is passion? How do you find your passion? Then, what do you do with it? This guide is designed to take tangible steps toward living with purpose.

Building Your Legacy Cover.png

As you consider your legacy, this guide will help you think in terms bigger than handing down an inheritance or distributing your belongings immediately after your death. It brings to light the long-term impact of your life, which influences how you live today.

Managing Your Thoughts & Emotions Self-Paced -

Did you know your feelings come from your thoughts, not from the events that are happening around you. Someone says something to you, you thought it was mean, so you got upset. There’s a middle step that often gets overlooked that you'll tackle in this guide.

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