Your Inner Child

Before you were inundated with messages from the media, impressions from friends, influence of societal expectations, and pressure from family, you had a belief about the life you would live. I’ll bet it did not include working ridiculously long hours, always being aware of what you eat, living paycheck to paycheck, and talking down to yourself.


Nope! Your younger self played endlessly while tapping into your imagination. You ate what you wanted when you wanted without shame, made it clear when it was time to take a nap, and dreamed wildly about the amazingly fulfilled life you would have when you grew up. 


Something happened between then and now. When someone gave you a box at the age of five, you turned it into something that took you to entirely new places. Now when someone gives you a box, you try to fit within its parameters. The imagination, creativity, and dream is diminished at best and completely gone at worst. You doubt yourself. You question your ability to bring your dreams to reality.  You adjust and accommodate to keep others happy. You put yourself on the back burner. You step inside the box and conform.


Today, your younger self has a message for you. Before pressing play, find a comfortable space - one where you will not be interrupted. Allow your imagination to lead the way. As you listen, try not to be so worried about seeing a clear scene. What is important is the learning that comes from this activity.

Your Inner Child
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