Your Life Is Calling

Your life calls you every single day. It’s that tightness in your gut or that pull at your heartstrings or that inner voice in your head telling you there’s more out there for you. You have an opportunity every single day to answer that call or send it to voicemail. You can engage in getting to know yourself on a deep level, of crystallizing the life you want to live, and making the rubber hit the road towards action . On the other hand, you can continue on a path that is not serving you, that is not fulfilling, and that does not excite you.


Your life is calling. Before pressing play, find a comfortable space - one where you will not be interrupted and you can allow your imagination to lead the way. As you listen, try not to be so worried about seeing a clear scene. What is important is the learning that comes from this activity.

Your Life Is Calling
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