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Free Workshop

From Resistance to Ready

How to motivate yourself even when the two-year-old tantrum shows up saying, "but I don't wanna."

April 12th at 11am ET/10am CT


April 12th at 7pm ET/6pm CT

Balancing Rocks

You look at your to-do list and glaring back at you is that one thing that you've been putting off for weeks (possibly months). Almost without even noticing, your eyes roll, your shoulders drop, and your head goes back. Before you know it, you're looking for something, ANYTHING, else to do.


​Sound familiar? Well, contrary to popular belief, the great thing is that motivation isn't an on-off switch.

The reality is you just haven't figured out your flavor of motivation - and there's lots of them!

Join Sara and Bri for a 60-minute workshop where you'll gain a whole toolbox of motivational strategies, so you can leverage the one you need at the moment you need it.

This workshop is live and interactive, so come prepared to dig deep, have a full-body experience, and join the conversation.

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Meet Sara

  • Works with online visionary business owners who want to rein in their procasti-habits so they can feel the satisfaction of daily progress in their business and personal lives

  • Certified EFT Practitioner through EFT International

  • 20-year background as a Certified Athletic Trainer

  • Holds a Master's Degree in Health Sciences, focusing her work in health, fitness, and nutrition

  • Enneagram 5, an Aquarius, and an Emotional Manifesting Generator in Human Design

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Meet Bri

  • Former educator turned International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach

  • Launched her coaching practice in January 2019

  • Splits her time between coaching accomplished women who are asking themselves 'what's next' and consulting with new coaches as they launch their coaching practice

  • Avid world traveler who will visit every country in her lifetime

Finally ready to cross that thing off your to-do list?

Put your information in below, to sign up for the From Resistance to Ready workshop today.

Attend the live workshop to get exclusive access to bonus resources and a special attendees-only joint package to work with Sara and Bri beyond the workshop.

Privacy is no joke around here. We take it seriously. Click here to learn about how we use your information.

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