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design session

This is the very first step in determining if coaching is right for you.  A complimentary 45-minute Design Session provides the opportunity to share more about your coaching goals, the support you need, and determine if our services are the best fit.  It also sets expectations of our programs, of our coaching-style, and of your role as the client and/or guardian.  In addition, we will do a mini-coaching session, so you get a taste of what to expect should you choose to make a long-term investment in yourself.


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We offer a variety of options for both in-person and virtual workshops.  Each topic below serves as a foundation from which we design customized workshops for a variety of audiences - high school students, college students, adults, parent and guardians, professional settings, school settings, large and small groups.  Connect with us, so we can design a workshop specific to your vision and needs.

Creating Your Vision

Evaluate Now

Get Organized

Build Your Personal Board of Directors

Developing Your North Star


Our coaching program is designed to provide individual support in reverse engineering your life. We start by exploring your ideal life and work backwards to identify each piece that will bring that life vision to reality.  Individual coaching is ideal for those who are approaching or are in the midst of a life transition - whether that's graduation, a new career, a move, or a new family. The curriculum for our individual coaching programs has been designed as a eight-week series - meeting once a week for 50 minutes.

1-1 coaching