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Mon May 17 | 7:30pm CT

You've probably heard the concept that you are a combination of those with whom you have the closes relationships. Is that combination serving you? Join me for a live, interactive workshop to audit your relationships and determine the value you bring to them and that they bring to you.

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Mon Jun 21 | 7:30pm CT

I bet you’ve been asked, “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” It usually comes up as an interview question related to career choices. How often have you considered that question in the broader context of your life? Join me for a live, interactive workshop to have a conversation with your future self and dream wild, crazy dreams.

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Mon Jul 19 | 7:30pm CT

To varying degrees, we all have that nagging voice of self-doubt in our minds. Join me to uncover what this voice is really saying and redefine the relationship you have with it.

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