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What's the balance between motivation and personal well-being? They're both critical to success. Join me for a live, interactive workshop to put your life in drive without burning out.

Mon Aug 30 | 7:30pm CT

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Mon Sept 27 | 7:30pm CT

You’ve heard it a bajillion times before. “Find your passion and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Find me someone who has figured out how to do that and I’ll show you 100 more who roll their eyes at it. What is passion? How do you find your passion? Then, what do you do with it? Join me for a live, interactive workshop to debunk the myths around passion and take tangible steps toward living with purpose.

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Mon Oct 25 | 7:30pm CT

Legacy is a loaded word, but it doesn't have to be. It's more than just passing on your assets and material possessions. It's about sharing values, beliefs, and character. Join me for a live, interactive workshop where you'll release the pressure of building a legacy and add back in the fun.

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"I appreciate the vulnerability that we were able to share."



"I love that there was a workshop guide to go with it!"

-Jennifer H.

"Bri's workshops are 100% authentic and original."


"Such good conversation and sharing."


"I really liked the interactive nature."

-Jennifer A.

"Refreshing idea."