Life Lived by Design Life Coach


Everyone wants to be known. That begins with knowing yourself.

Hi! I'm thrilled to welcome you to my coaching practice and am eager to get to know one another! I'll start.


I was checking all the boxes until everything abruptly changed in January 2017. A diagnosis of a brain tumor launched me into a life-long relationship with posttraumatic growth. I've shared all the details in my book and you can get Part 1 here.

After the diagnosis, my life purpose and vision became incredibly clear. I had a drive to live like I never had before. I was traveling more, putting myself first, and sharing my story along the way.


People were reaching out to share how they were inspired by my journey. At the same time, there was always something unspoken behind the complement. "Good for you, but I can't have that."

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I wanted to shake each of them by their shoulders and say, "Yes you can! Everything you need is inside of you. You just need to allow yourself to acknowledge and leverage it." This is where Life Lived by Design was born. 


I now leverage my own experience in my work as an International Coaching Federation (ICF) credentialed life coach. I work with high-achieving women who are asking themselves "what's next?"

My clients explore:

  • Where they are now

  • Who they want to become

  • How to connect the two


I fundamentally believe that everyone wants to be known and that starts with knowing yourself first. My clients walk away with a deeper more intimate knowing of themselves that allows them to have a Life Lived by Design.

I also have the incredible honor of serving as a trainer to new life coaches enrolled in Coach Training EDU's program as they develop their skill and passion for serving others.

What's your story?

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