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Start your bold journey.

If you’re stuck in the space between where you are now and who you want to become, let me welcome you to the gap.


Desperate for guidance, you turn toward inspirational stories and motivational speakers who talk of “life-changing moments.” But what if there are no life-changing moments on the horizon?


What if there’s just you and your gap?


The Examined Life Workbook is your resource to propel yourself out of the gap without having to suffer from a life-changing event.


It's packed with over 70 tools, strategies, and exercises to help you see every decision and action as an opportunity for personal growth.


It challenges you to discover your true self and leads you on a journey of identifying your life’s purpose.


The Examined Life Workbook is broken down into four impactful parts:

  • Before

  • Here

  • There

  • Between


Each part encourages you to get honest about where you are, dream about where you’re going, and develop the skills and resources you need to bring these dreams into a reality.


You will walk away from this bold journey with an actionable plan motivated entirely by YOU.

This is your story. Today is day one. What happens next is up to you.

10% of all profits from the sales of this book are donated to the American Brain Tumor Association. If you'd like to support the ABTA without purchasing the workbook, click on the ABTA tab above to donate now.

"I highly recommend this workbook to anyone who really wants to get intentional about understanding themselves and where they want to go."


"This workbook provides you with lots of different activities and ways to think about your own life."


"Organized into meaningful and manageable bite-sized activities that simultaneously challenge and encourage you to become more self aware and grow as a human."


"Straight up...this is an incredible value and magical find. So happy with this purchase. So easy to read. So easy to follow. And now I’m watching the work I’ve put in come to life. Really exciting!"

-John Keith

Thank You!

This book would not be possible without the invaluable support of my writing coach, Britt Leigh. If you are writing a book or have dreams of writing a book, I highly recommend having her in your corner throughout the entire process. Visit for more details.

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